Local News Story - Confusing and Inspirational

I am scrolling my local news website, well, one of many “Local” news websites I follow. And I stumbled across this story.

I had read it and thought what a nice gesture. And as usual, my mind takes off into a thousand directions and I start to think of all things that could make a man, in this day and age, with money being hard to come by for an average Joe, would make this man feel so confident to do such a great act of random kindness. While pondering this thought I noticed the story was being shared on my Facebook page, but not of the article itself, but of a young girl claiming to be his daughter. It read this:

“ Hi everybody, my dad Richard Wright was stopped by the RCMP on his way from home to Charlottetown on Thursday. He was arrested and brought to a confinement area at the QEH hospital in Charlottetown. He was stripped of all his belongings anlocked in a small concrete room with a tiny window and a camera inside. He was left there for 8 hours with only 2 pieces of white bread to eat, and he was forced against his will to swallow 2 small white pills. The people there would not tell him what medication he was taking. When he asked the guard if he could use the phone he was ignored and because frustrated because he was worried about Ashley and I, since he is our soul provider. The workers there did not care whatsoever about me or Ashley, we could have been home with no heat/food but they didn’t care. They would not let him contact us. My dad was also worried about the cats going without food, an the pipes freeing once he was informed that he would be detained for 3 days. At this point he was told to sit down and shut up or he would get a needle. He was then transferred upstairs to a small room and the next day that he would be detained for another 28 more days. He has now been there for four days and after repeated requests for the toxicology report on the forced medications and a copy of the Mental Health Act, he has still not received the information. They simply do not care what he says or how he feels. He was not even informed of his right by the police or hospital. He is only allowed out of his room for 30 minutes, this is so unfair. By now you are probably wondering why he was detained in the first place.. it is because he had some extra money so he decided to share it around with some homeless and needy people in Halifax and Dartmouth. He did nothing illegal, he was simply helping some people out. Since when did being a nice person make you end up in th hospital? They think he is sick and has mental issues.. but I know he does not. He plans to hopefully attain legal help tomorrow. We are keeping our fingers crossed. My dad is honestly a great guy.. he has always been good to people, and he simply just wanted to help people out. Any support any of you can offer would be greatly appreciated. He is being held at the QEH hospital Unit 9, the number there is (902) 894-0223, he would appreciate your support at this time. Thank you all so much. Please, please share this.. the more people to hear his story the better. I just want my dad back “

And then followed by the details of her father’s confinement and a link to the article…

Visiting hours are MON-FRI 4:30 - 8:30 ; SAT-SUN 11:30 - 8:30.

P.S here is a link to the article of the newspaper he was in which ended up putting him in the hospital. 


I have so many questions now..

Before, it was just a story of a random person, randomly helping people out with a “little extra cash” he had. Now it is a random man, who was detained shortly after (according to his daughter) and is now being held against his will in a mental facility for what appears to be no reason at all other than spewing religious comments after spewing 50’s and 100’s to complete strangers.

OH boy this has my mind racing. I’m a mystery kind of Gal. I love trying to solve a good mystery. So of COURSE this ate at my brain.

First things first..

This young lady, pours her heart into social media attempting to receive support for her father. Great Idea. But first, let’s share with the entire social networking world (you did put this out there for the world to support you, or in my case, question you) the events that led up to this point…

Why was your father in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia? While you are a family from Charlottetown P.E.I.

Being the nosy girl I am I tend to read comments under such stories to see if anyone has any further information regarding the story. Upon doing so, in this particular case, I found the same young lady commenting under the article slowly releasing more and more details. Of course I had to read over 100 comments of people with conspiracy theories and others bashing the police and justice system, and even some people confronting the mental health facility of wrong doing, not only in this case, but many cases. I read them all to try and make a little more sense of this seemingly innocent story.

Turns out, they were in Dartmouth for a little March break get-away so his daughter says. Okay, so that’s cleared up.

Now, at what point did you veer away from your father for him to gallivant around the city all day giving out money to strangers in pure compassion? I know you aren’t his babysitter. But you are 16, and you were on a trip together. Did he drop you off at the mall with friends? and when you met up again, did he tell you of this brilliant good deed he has done? It would be nice to know sort of a timeline.

As I type this out I can’t help but feel I am asking to many questions, but do the police chase people for no good reason? Do they act on every call they receive about a somewhat loony man walking around a large city speaking of the word of God… I highly doubt it. If you ever lived in a large city you know there are all kinds of crazy people lurking around, and most of them have some sort of grasp on a religious belief. So am I asking too many questions? Maybe. But, she did subject herself to questioning when she revealed she is a family member and this generous man is now locked up because of his generosity.  So as I was saying.. timeline. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I continue reading the comments under the Metro article. She eventually only sends comments back to people who are on the same page as I am; Wait, wait, wait. I love a story of random kindness just as much as the next. But they usually don’t end with incarceration (not all of the time, anyway).  And her comments are usually begging for people to stop being negative and help her father.

My head is just sore from spinning at this point. She is able to give us a peek into the situation, but she isn’t able to provide us the story behind it. She asks for people to visit her father and she asks for support. But for what? Legal advice? Money? Just support in general of her fathers doings?

Now here is the question that is a little sensitive to ask. As it is no one’s business where he earns/receives his income. But where does one, from an average family (so it seems) get disposable income like that. And even weirder, 5 dollar coins that are probably worth money in themselves. And did he plan to wait until he was in a strange city, not his own, to disperse this money?

I would love to feel all warm and cuddly that a man has decided to help people in this way and is completely sane and there was no reasoning behind it other than to make a few peoples day, spread the word of god and drop it at that. But my secret investigator personality creeps in and wants to get down to the whole story. Maybe he is just known for this in his home town. Known for doing this sort of thing-See, This is why I hate reading such a post. This young lady has left us with so many holes and cracks in her story, we begin to fill them in with our own rendition of what “could have” happened.

Reading the comments I also found dozens of comments from people who he has given money to. He visited people all over the city. Some people waiting for the bus home from work. Some people, like in the post article, just sitting around. What was even weirder was that they all seemed to be having money hardship at the time. He asks them all to look at the sky and say thanks. That is his only request upon dispersing the money.

I am catholic, so I know the story of Jesus Christ (sort of). I gave up on religion a very long time ago, as in my small town growing up it was very reformed and pushed. I decided to not attend church regularly, and I quit Sunday school classes. I still cling onto the thought of god, or the thought of something after death. Spiritual beliefs i guess. But I still cannot seem to wrap my head around religion. I don’t think I ever will.

For the love of GOD (teehee) Someone please help all those questioning this story to fill in the blanks.

When this appears at the end of her post, it leads us to wonder how one article of great kindness lead to him being hospitalized. Again, SO MANY QUESTIONS, Unanswered questions!!! 

"P.S here is a link to the article of the newspaper he was in which ended up putting him in the hospital. "

Does this man need a family member giving consent to hold him for nearly 30 days in a mental ward? (unit 9 is the mental ward, by the way). Is his daughter confused at what is happening, and asking for help from the public just because no one else is giving her any answers on her father’s situation? Is there family members that can enlighten us on what exactly is going on? maybe a little more insight on his personality.. anything??

I guess the bottom line is.. this man helped out a few people who are now extremely grateful and seem to find hope in what he has done, that humanity isn’t completely down the shitter. But once this young lady informed the world of his whereabouts at this time .. we have to ask, what the hell happened?

We want to help you, we want to share your story, but this story has no solid foundation. It’s confusing. We want to share it for the world to protest your dad be let go due to unjust behavior on the police departments behalf. But first, you need to enlighten the world on the facts, the timeline, the money.. everything you seemed to have left out. Until this is elaborated on, I cannot bring myself to support her by sharing her story. This story is simply incomplete.

Kudos to the man preaching about god above and for helping those people out. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. Sane, or Insane.. you are a good hearted man.

Until the facts of the story surface, i will remain dazzled by a good mystery and left with my own imagination to try and figure them out for myself.

In conclusion- I wonder if Jesus (in this day and age) would have been locked up for running around doing good deeds and preaching of a man he calls his father in the sky. I wonder …


For the last 8 months, maybe even longer I have been unhappy with my body.

With the lumps, the chubby tummy, the tree trunk legs, the kissing inner thighs. I HATE it all. And every day, I feel badly about how often I look at myself with disgust. I am my own worst enemy.

I am conflicted every day. I see “Love your body” no matter the shape or size. It’s so much easier to say, than it is to feel. I DON’T love my body. I long to be thin, fit and desirable.

I always felt good about myself, even after a few pounds of unwanted weight. Why am I now, so unhappy with the way I look?

Is it a process of getting older? I envy young girls who have killer bodz. I was one of them at one time. I don’t want to change. I work very hard and exercise. I do not over eat. I decreased my bad habits by HALF This past 8 months. And I see change, and then nothing. I see great change, and I see reverse change.

I am exhausted. Constantly yearning to look different, and more importantly FEEL different. I wish I could break this chain of unhealthy thinking.